Mayflower RSVP initiates volunteer programs and services in Southeastern Massachusetts.  We recruit, train, provide insurance, recognition and monitor the effectiveness of RSVP volunteers in partnership with affiliated agencies.  We contribute to the operating framework from which volunteers can do their very best.

Mayflower RSVP is one of 750 volunteer programs in the network with funding from the Corporation for National & Community Service.  Together, we provide opportunities for older Americans to make a difference in their local communities, nationwide.

Mayflower RSVP operates with financial support from the Corporation for National & Community Service, the United Way of Greater Plymouth County and generous donations from businesses and individuals from throughout the county.

Our Mission

To initiate programs and services that bring about continuous improvement in people’s lives through organized volunteer services.

Service Profile

Community support for the past 30 years.

  • Mayflower RSVP volunteers visit elderly homebound people and provide them with meals and friendship.
  • Mayflower RSVP volunteers greet the public and support the research staff at local libraries and museums.
  • Mayflower RSVP reading partners serve as mentors, role models & coaches so children will learn to enjoy reading.
  • Mayflower RSVP volunteers address areas of emergency needs in Plymouth County as members of the USA Freedom Corps.